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Colorado Baptists

Colorado Baptists

With a new executive director and a fresh vision, the Colorado Baptists wanted their identity to convey the same excitement happening within the state’s growth. We developed a modern identity to share this sentiment. The large, modern C represents the wide open spaces of Colorado. The mountain range is formed from a progression of arrows pointing toward Christ and the connnection of Colorado churches working together.

The identity package included new business cards, stationary and brochure all of which reflects the new brand colors and style.

As part of their outreach to Colorado Baptist churches and leaders, they wanted to develop a quarterly magazine. We developed the design and layout of the magazine to continue with their cohesive brand approach. Our role included developing the name of the magazine as an extension of the new identity. We are grateful to continue to partner with the Colorado Baptists staff on each issue of the magazine.


Branding, Identity Package, Naming Research for Magazine