Legacy Point Realty logo

The Details

Legacy Point is a premiere real estate agency that began in Texoma by Colby Meals, a seasoned real estate agent. As business continued to grow, Legacy Point was born and we were tasked with developing an identity for this new venture.

  • Brand Identity
  • Promotional Design
  • Print Design
  • Signage

Keys to Success

The task at hand was to combine both classic and modern into their new identity. This is reflected in Legacy Point’s daily operations. They renovated an old building in downtown Whitesboro, TX to make it a more modern space while maintaining its architectural integrity. The column from their logo symbolizes the architecture found in front of their building. The column provides a foundational identity and is a reflection of their core values (working with families to help find them a new home). The color palette is classy yet warm with its rich earth tones. The typography combines sans-serif and serif fonts to represent their core vision of classic and modern.

Legacy Point Realty brand identity
Legacy Point Realty biz card

We are very pleased with the work Lightner Creative delivered with our branding! I love the direction they took our logo mark because it symbolizes where we started. We have a vision for future growth in our company, and this pillar is about where we started. They listened to us and were able to capture our vision and message.

Colby & Rebecca MealsOwners, Legacy Point Realty
Legacy Point Realty brand identity