Criswell College with Dallas skyline

The Details

With a rich legacy of training pastors and leaders, Criswell College was looking to strengthen their brand and identity. We began the process by rebranding the overall logo and establishing a brighter color palette. With the new logo and brand guidelines complete, we turned to overhauling the college’s general promotional material, graduate and undergraduate brochures, marketing materials for potential students and bringing consistency and a more cohesive message to Criswell’s campus.

Our Part

  • Branding Identity
  • Packaging Collateral
  • Graphic Standards
  • Web design skin and wireframe
  • Publication Design & Naming
Criswell College logo
Criswell College rebrand with new promotional material
Criswell College promotional material

An identity package was developed to include a branding guideline, new business cards, stationary and brochures to reflect the new logo and style.

Viewbook & Admissions Campaign

As enrollment increases, visibility and awareness remain key factors. We worked with the Criswell team to redesign their viewbook to better reach and educate prospective students about Criswell’s history and future. Part of the campaign featured a theme allowing past, current and future students to connect.

Criswell College viewbook in Dallas Texas